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After months of private beta, we launched with no waitlist and no demo. We've summarized the launch in 7 highlights.

Matan Talmi, CEO

August 12, 2022 spent months in beta building, releasing, learning and iterating on our daily standup experience. During that time we powered thousands of standups and talked to countless beta users. These conversations led us to build Slack and Jira integrations, our web client, a simplified meeting prep experience, the ability to run async standups, and more.

On August 2, 2022 we came out of beta and officially launched to the world. Here are 7 highlights from our launch week.

1. Introduced to the world 🐣

Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn, is famously quoted for saying “If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.”

We took this advice and shipped a very early version of Spinach to private beta users. But we held off on a public launch until we had datapoints to prove our product solved a real problem. Once we saw that most teams who try Spinach never go back to their old ways of running standup, we knew the product was mature enough to officially launch.

2. Launched self-serve onboarding 🛠

To launch without a waitlist or a demo, we needed a path for users to experience the app on their own. We invested time building a great self-serve onboarding experience so anyone could start using the app right away. Prior to launch, we tested multiple iterations with fresh beta users until we observed a solid conversion rate. After launching this new flow, we prepared for the big announcement.

3. Atlassian Ventures joins as an investor 🤝

We announced our recent funding with participation by Atlassian Ventures. Two of our biggest product integration partners are Zoom and Jira, and we couldn’t be more excited to have both Atlassian Ventures’ and Zoom Ventures' support. We look forward to the continued partnership as we help teams bring Jira software into Zoom meetings.

4. TechCrunch article 🗞

We were thrilled to share our story with Ron Miller. I spoke with Ron about our vision to transform the quality of daily standups and then expand to other meeting types. The conversation was featured in TechCrunch on launch day, August 2.

5. Product Hunt #1 Product of the Day 🥇

With incredible support from hundreds of early beta users, we landed the top spot on Product Hunt with over 700 votes. The team couldn't be more thankful for all the upvotes, comments and 💚  from our users. A round-up of our favorite comments is at the end.

6. Lots of new users 👋🏼

Following the TechCrunch article and our #1 Product Hunt spot, we were included in many newsletters, round-ups, and YouTube videos. The result is a huge spike in teams starting to use on their standups. We welcome all these new teams and can't wait to talk to each of you about your experience!

7. 1% down 99% to go 💪🏻

After hitting a major milestone, we thought about the road ahead and realized how much more there is to do. The pandemic completely changed the way we work and redefining how teams operate and thrive in remote and hybrid environments is just the beginning. We’ve already made a big impact on how teams run their daily standups, and we’re inspired by how many more meetings, experiences, features and integrations there are to build our vision. We're just getting started!

Free forever for one team 💸

Any team running daily standups can now sign up and find out how teams at companies like Wix, Fiverr and Blend run faster, more effective standups, leading to better sprints and a happier teams.

Product Hunt comments from our beta users 💚

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