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André Smith

Chief Growth Officer


“I have to say, Spinach has done a 180 with our team standups. Our stand ups before were a dumpster fire compared to what we have now.”

Pei Li

Lead Software Engineer


“I love it personally and our engineers do too. I enjoy the structure and the notes it gives after. It’s easy for everyone to know what’s going on.”

Kurtis Broda

VP Product Development

Wyvern Space

“It keeps our standups focused and on time. It makes standups useful. I didn’t believe it when I signed up but Spinach actually does what it says it will do. Makes things really smooth”

Travis Allen

Technical Product Manager

Bristol Myers Squibb

“Spinach made it pointless for some team members to wake up early. Our standup went from 30-45 minutes down to 4-7 minutes.”

Heather MacPherson

QA Engineer


“Good morning! I just wanted to let you know that I’m really loving Spinach so far for my team. It’s a great way to organize our thoughts before stand up and stay on track during. I also love the Slack generated reports to keep leadership and others in the loop.”

Abdallah Absi

3x Founder, Ex LinkedIn


“We love it! We're using it everyday now and helps us stay concise. I realized when updates are clear, it's easier to follow the conversation, leading to more productive conversations vs someone talking through their thoughts in the air”

Daniel Piazza

Product Manager

Clear Gov

The two best parts are the standup summaries and being reminded what you said “yesterday”. It helps us circle back to things we’d forget if we weren’t using Spinach. It’s just a really simple standup history experience.

Guy Rotem

Tech Lead

“We're very happy with Spinach. It's convenient and helps us to not only know the limit but also to stay within it. No overtime.”




Love it! We use it at AudioLabs. Spinach makes our daily meetings much more efficient with trackable key takes and action items.


Senior Software Engineer

Mighty Networks

I would recommend Spinach to friends and already have. It reduces overhead in running what should be a very simple meeting. With Spinach it just smooths out the process


Head of Product

The Escape Game

The response from the team has been overwhelmingly positive. We are doing icebreakers on Monday and Friday, and it's really helped us bond as a team.


Engineering Manager


Meetings are the biggest drain in my day. Having a tool like Spinach is very helpful. We haven't seen our standup dragging forever like it used to.